About Us

Experience you can trust

DHC Consulting specializes in marketing, communication, and sales project management for technology companies. We deliver the results your company needs — on time and on budget.   

Our experienced, senior-level consultants bring decades of experience to your most demanding projects. We work closely with our clients’ project teams to increase sales through carefully executed regional, national, and global marketing programs. Our expertise includes targeted marketing and communication projects for customers, strategic partners, sales, and internal personnel.

Part of your team

Developing and managing projects internally is often not feasible or cost-effective, and many organizations lack the staff and the time needed to meet constantly shifting priorities and deadlines. DHC works closely with your team to meet your program or project objectives and deadlines. We become an integral part of your team, providing the dedicated resources needed to complete projects on time.   

Deep industry knowledge

Today's companies need partners that can scale the learning curve quickly and deliver on projects with minimal hand-holding, and that's where DHC shines above the rest. We're skilled project managers and communication specialists, with decades of tech industry experience and knowledge and a long list of successful projects, demonstrating our commitment to help you succeed in today’s ultra-competitive business environment.  

Proven experience 

We’ve completed more than 200 projects, for technology companies ranging from growing firms to leading global enterprises. Our decades of experience ensures that we have the expertise to deliver on your sales, marketing, and business objectives.